In December 2010, the district administration reported that 1,256 students, or 13.5 per cent of students in the district, were receiving special education services. [27] In 2010, Easton Area Middle School 7–8 was in a “Making Progress: in Corrective Action II AYP” situation due to chronic low student achievement. In 2009, the school was in the 1st year of Corrective Action II. The attendance rate was 94% in 2010 and 2010. [20] Under the federal “No Child Left Behind” law, students were allowed to move to another school in the district that passed. The district renovated all schools and replaced 2 primary schools, Palmer and Cheston. Since 2013, the county has spent $100 million on a capital improvement plan. For the 2011-2012 school year, the Easton Region School Board did not request an exemption to exceed the Bill 1 index. Each year, the school board has the option of either: 1) passing a resolution in January certifying that it will not increase taxes beyond its index, or 2) a provisional budget in February. A school district that passes the resolution cannot ask for referendum exemptions or ask voters for a tax increase above the inflation index.

According to a state report, 247 school districts passed a resolution for the 2011-2012 school years certifying that tax rates would not be increased beyond their index; 250 school districts have adopted interim budgets. Of the 250 school districts that passed a preliminary budget, 231 adopted property tax rates above their index. Tax rate increases in the other 19 school districts that passed preliminary budgets did not exceed the school district index. Of the districts that requested exemptions: 221 took advantage of the exemption from pension costs and 171 applied for an exemption from special education costs. Only 1 Commonwealth public school district applied for an exemption for the non-university school construction project, while 1 applied for an elective debt exemption for school construction. [97] The school district covers the tuition fees of teachers pursuing a bachelor`s degree. The contract limits the number of loans granted per year. The teacher needs the Superintendent`s permission to guarantee reimbursement unless classes take place in one of these 28 schools: The school board, along with the Superintendent, announced in April 2019 that Easton Area Academy, an alternative educational school for disruptive or dangerous students, will close at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. citing increasingly strict regulations from the state Ministry of Education and declining enrollment. No teachers, administrators or staff members were affected by the closure as they were readmitted to the district. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2998 students in the county received free or discounted lunches during the 2007-2008 school year due to low family income. [59] In December 2009, the Auditor General of Pennsylvania conducted an audit of the district`s performance.

The results were communicated to the administration and the school board. [53] The district is funded by a combination of a local income tax, property tax, real estate transfer tax, and real estate transfer tax in conjunction with substantial funds from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government. Grants can provide the opportunity to supplement school funding without increasing local taxes. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, pension and social security income is exempt from state income tax and local income tax, regardless of the person`s assets. [54] In May 2011, the Easton Region School Board and the Teachers` Union revised the employment contract […].